How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

By Laurie Roth Lovefire


All our senses have subtle perceptions which we call psychic or intuition.

These are ways our higher guidance can assist us. They can help us have a greater understanding of who we are beyond the physical body, know the future, help us heal and much more. Some people have them open from birth. Some people shut them down because their religion has judgements against them (“of the devil” etc.), Some people shut them down to adapt to their family or culture. Western culture does not honor the value of these natural abilities that are meant to work with our intellect.

 Now, because of the changes our planet and the world systems are going through, especially—over the next three years— it is a great time to develop them.


  Types of psychic perception


ClairvoyanceActivate Your Chakras and Brain



Clairsalience or Clairscent


Sense of Humor


If you are interested in increasing your intuitive/psychic awareness, the first thing to do is notice when you are getting subtle feelings, perceptions and information. Since these impressions are more fleeting than regular physical sense perceptions, you can increase your sensitivity by paying attention when receiving information and acting on it.  Having the intention and desire to use these abilities helps them unfold. Once you’ve received subtle impressions, it is important to validate them by noticing if the information and your interpretation are accurate. This can have many practical applications in daily living and for healing. It can even help you find parking spaces.


Every physical sense has a corresponding subtle sense that can be developed. Most people are inherently stronger in some areas. However, it can be useful to develop all of them.


Clairaudience is psychic hearing. It is like hearing a voice in your head, but it is different than psychosis, which is what people are often afraid of when they have the experience for the first time. It can be similar to your way of thinking, but it also can sound very different.  So it requires the ability to distinguish it from your thoughts. Sometimes the voice is so clear and outside the range of what you know or would think that it is obviously not coming from you. Clairaudience also occurs in dreams and can be a voice-over type of experience. When that happens to me, it is often information from my Higher Self or my guides, giving me a bigger picture.


Here is an example of a clairaudient experience I had working as a Marriage and Family Therapist intern in a community agency with troubled families. I only had 10 sessions to help them. In the third session with a single mother, who was very upset about her son refusing to do schoolwork and kept repeating her complaints I knew we were at an impasse. I wanted to get to the family dynamic related to this. I felt that the mother did not trust me. Silently I wondered what to do. Suddenly I heard a voice clearly say,

”Ask her about the pyramids.”

This was so unrelated what we were talking about or what I would say in that kind of a session that I judged it and ignored it. Then I heard the same sentence two more times.  I believe when something comes three times, it is a message of some sort from the universe, and it’s a good idea to pay attention. I decided to ask her but in a roundabout way so she wouldn’t think I was nuts.

“I’m not sure why I’m asking you this, but did you ever have an interest in Egypt or pyramids or anything like that?

Her demeanor completely changed, and she related a vision she once had where she was standing naked on top of a pyramid at sunrise and asked what I thought. I told her my impression of her experience.   “That’s what I think too!”  She happily replied. Everything changed between us. She then trusted me, and I was able to help her and her children make the needed changes.


Clairvoyance is the subtle sense of seeing. It can vary from vague images to vivid ones. Clairvoyance can give you messages in dreams by showing you future situations clearly, but it can also work with you through symbols. Then you have to learn to interpret the symbols. 

In the 1990’s new psychic abilities began opening as needed. 

One day while working with a client I saw a man over his head. When I described how the man looked and he said the man was his father. My client told me I was kind of “woo woo”. The next time he came I saw a woman over his head. He asked me to describe her. I did and it was his mother. She had died in childbirth and gave me a messages for him (clairaudience).  One of the things she told him was that he was not responsible for his death and could let go of the guilt he was carrying.

He came for one more time a month later and reported that the session had completely changed his life and healed him of many things. It also changed the kind of women he was attracted to and he had met someone new who was not critical and rejecting. 


Clairsentience is kinesthetic; it is related to empathy and empathic healing. The physical area it is related to is the lower belly. In this sense, you use your body as a sensor that registers information. People with this ability can often feel what is happening in another person’s body. They are called empaths, and many people have this ability.  They can know what other people are feeling even when those people are not aware of their feelings. It is gut intuition. (intuition= inner guidance or inner teaching). In the article I posted here on LinkIn called Eardrops of Light,  I describe how I felt someone else’s pain at a distance and also the clairaudient message I got to assist me to deal with the situation.


Clairknosis (Clearknowing) is related to the top of the head and the crown chakra. The information is just there. You don’t even know how you know it. You just do. It is the fastest of all the intuitive ways of knowing. Some psychics say it is the highest and most accurate. The challenge is to know if you are getting correct information or just making it up. I often get accuracy chills, but not always even when it is correct


Clairsalience or Clairscent

There is even a subtle sense of smell, which might alert you to something problematic, like a fire in another location that you need to know about, or if you are away from home and you left something on the stove. Sometimes you can smell your own or another’s essence which could smell like flowers.


Clairgustance is the psychic sense for taste. I have only experienced it t a few times. It could be you taste a dinner someone is cooking, and you didn’t even know you were invited yet.


And, of course, the last and most important of the subtle senses is a Sense of Humor, which is located in the funny bone and helps make all kinds of experiences more fun.


Meditation, yoga, qigong, tai chi, etc., all help open more subtle perceptions. Hand reading helped me a great deal to develop trust in my psychic perceptions.

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  About the Author

Laurie A Roth, MA, MS, is a certified hypnotherapist, energy healer and was an LMFT (Licensed Marriage Family Therapist) for 34 years. She is also a musician, composer, sound healer, psychic, and former radio show host. She leads workshops and classes in meditation, intuitive development, healing and creativity. Laurie loves helping people transition into higher states of awareness and joy and access their intuition, creativity and soul talents.