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Ignite Your Lovefire Today

Watch the darkness float away
As you step into the light
Feel the joy of your true birthright!


I look forward to meeting you.


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Life is an adventure and here you can find how to make yours full of more fun, joy, passion and Love.


To understand how to use your soul talents, gifts and develop and understand the value your unique abilities—go here. I will also be offering women’s events and groups live and online. Please come back or sign up on my email list below and get a relaxing guided meditation for free.

If you are held in the bondage of past trauma’s my Inner Movies (Link) can help heal from abuse, childhood wounding, and un-healthy patterns in relationship. These guided meditation tracks have sound healing along with processes that work on multiple levels. They are designed to lead you out of the drama triangle (of victim-perpetrator-rescuer) for deep psychological change and spiritual growth.


The Temple of the Self Inner Movie helps you tap into greater connection with your intuitive and Divine Self. The part of you who knows who you really are (a divine being in human form) and guides you and inspires.

For many people new awakenings and spiritual gifts will be opening between 2020 and 2026. (read more ) Sometimes sudden spiritual and psychic phenomena can be scary as a a reality shift occurs. I went through this when I was 28 and began having re-incarnation memories when I didn’t believe in reincarnation. I can assist as I also know the difference between psychic and psychotic.


If you have questions email me at  Lovefire.info@gmail.com

Upcoming events and workshops.

Laurie LoveFire (Roth)


I love helping people discover their unique soul gifts and talents!
While working as a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist my abilities to interpret energy including information in the Akashic records opened wide. I was guided to assist women to understand their soul gifts and talents. When we live this way we are guided.Life becomes more and more joyful and we bring healing to ourselves, and the world.
Let me help you create a life that fulfills your heart’s deepest desires.


Do you have secret longings?

Do you want to change your job?

Do you want to change your relationship?

Are you happy?

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