Laurie Roth Lovefire, MA, MS, is an intuitive /psychic healer, hand-reader, master hypnotherapist, workshop facilitator, musician and storyteller. She is also an author, comedic performer and former radio show host. Clients have called her a cosmic tuning fork.


Laurie previously worked as a licensed marriage and family therapist.( LMFT) . Her 32 years of experience in that field working with 1000’s of families and individuals gave her a deep understanding of relationship dynamics and psychological-spiritual healing.


Laurie has a Teaching Credential from UC BerkeleyBerkeley, a Masters degree in Therapeutic Recreation from San Francisco State University, and a Masters degree from UCSF in Counseling Psychology.


In the 1990’s Laurie went through a period of spontaneous inner initiations which opened up many innate healing abilities. During this time, many energy-healing gifts developed and became an integral part of her work. Clients began to report spontaneous physical healing as a side effect of her unique blend of traditional therapeutic practices and spiritual gifts as vibrational channel. She maneuvered her way through abundant mystical adventures; from experiences as diverse as dreaming her severely abused client’s repressed memories the night before their sessions, to seeing and communicating with client’s non-physical (dead) ancestors and perceiving energy fields non-locally and assisting them to “re-tune” to the wholeness of Self.


She has learned to be accepting of the unusual as each person brings their unique history to their own healing process and in truth is fully partnered in their own emotional- mental-spiritual physical healing and wellness process. This perspective combined with her insights and sense of humor has also assisted her in dismantling and healing her own limited thinking and emotional-mental conditioning.


Clients have reported, increased intuition and greater joy, clearer sense of purpose, more fulfilling relationships after sessions and groups with Laurie. She has helped many other healers activate, accelerate and recognize and their unique healing abilities and have fun at the same time. She has a cosmic sense of humor and recognizes the serious implications of laughter.


Laurie Roth grew up in New York City with Jewish atheist parents. As a she had a gift of pre-cognitive dreaming which frightened her mother and father. This gift motivated her to investigate – through her own personal experience – the nature of time, space and the question that is has always bugged her – what is really going on here? In search of the answer she has traveled the road from intellectual atheist to ecstatic mystic learning to trust the guidance of Love as the truth of the Way.


Recognizing the power of the tools she has discovered for her clients and herself, Laurie created the Inner Movies Series on CD. These tracks combine her original sound healing music and guided meditations for that uses altered states for deep relaxation and healing on many levels. Because many people remarked about the background music she also created a CD, Oceans of the Heart of original music for relaxing, massage and meditation.