I offer both private and group sessions, including special groups for friends, families, and co-workers. I also offer public workshops and events Together we can design a format that’s best for you.

  • Move Into Your Heart’s Desire and Soul Purpose.

    Discover What Brings You the Most JOY


    As your re-tune you will move into a higher frequency you will release, and step into a new way of being. Living in more connection with your Higher Self or Soul Self. Many people describe their intuition and subtle senses (psychic abilities) opening or becoming more astute after the sessions or groups. As the inner world shifts, the outer world does as well.

    Connect with Laurie for additional specific information concerning the outer world and relationship dynamics in any arena: family, romantic, work, and friendships. For energy sensitive clients and those going through a spiritual unfolding process she teaches various energy and vibrational skills, tools and exercises. Clients report feeling “much lighter” with greater mental clarity and physical relaxation as well. In addition, many have reported various spontaneous healing of physical symptoms. These sessions are progressive in their effects and generally a series of 3-10 recommended for someone experiencing this for the first time.
    Laurie works with energy transmissions and altered states that help the brain and body integrate new ways of being and recommends 60 to 90 minutes for most sessions. Her experience shows that longer and more in-depth sessions are most beneficial and cost efficient.
    Changes integrate after each session, creating positive internal and external movement. Weekly sessions are suggested to keep the changes moving forward.

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    To Book a Session

    Email or call or text 415 282-4608

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Session Duration

What Happens Next?


During the session there is a transmission of Universal Love, (if you are willing to receive it) which comes from Source using Laurie as both a transmitter and also a tuning fork. This helps open the heart and accelerate healing for greater self-acceptance and heal past feelings and patterns of victimization, abandonment and/or betrayal that can keep a person stuck in the past and prevent the joy of living an inspired life.
Laurie guides you to “re-tune” and align into a more loving energy and state of being. Supporting you to embrace the attitude and feeling state of self-compassion and non-judgment.
By doing so, you will more easily choose to discover and then dissolve psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that are related to your discomfort or pain. In addition, she presents specifically tools for you to keep the momentum of change moving forward at the rate you desire.